Mesamerica Media Design - Skills I Possess...


I have nine years experience in interactive design, creating websites, micro sites, eBrochures, banner ads, rich media elements, along with print, video and sound design.

Equally, I have a background and experience in national account management, product support, sales (regional and inside), and retail management. My communication skills and rapport with clients, customers and colleagues is central to my value as a business associate.

I am capable of learning new technologies as I am tasked. An example of this would be my skills development in print media. I successfully became familar with print file formats, along with Adobe inDesign, and developed new capabilities with Illustrator and Photoshop. And I inculcated myself in the printing process ad working with vendors.

Design Applications

I am skilled in use of Adobe Creative Suites including:

  • Latest CS versions 6.x along with 5.5, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Soundbooth
  • inDesign, After Effects experience
  • Previous experience with Flash and Fireworks

In addition...

  • Designing in HTML5, CSS3, leveraging PHP, jQuery widgets, js, Spry assets, and previously Flash AS
  • WordPress - A relevant background in theme design,widgets, updates
  • Sound design applications, including but not limited to...Steinberg Nuendo, Wavelab, Adobe     Soundbooth, Pro Tools et .al


  • As a NW regional account manager, representing highly creative, technical products
  • As a product support and service representative for the same products
  • As a sales and service manager in musical instrument retail.

My Experience History...

My undergraduate and graduate studies included a journalism component, and I employ my writing skills in many capacities, from radio ad copywriting, copyediting of client content, to technical subjects.

I have a strong background and experience in sound recording, and studios, audio and music production. Also as an account manager for Steinberg GMBH, a worldwide developer of sound recording software and hardware.

In addition my photography and videography training enables me to add another dimension to media projects of which I am involved.

I have actively played since I was 14 years, from bands to busking. I translate the creative process through the same musical prism. Balance, tone, loudness, softness, complexity, me it is all synonomous of getting your message across.