Mesamerica Media Design - Music and Related Projects...

Musical Projects

I am engaged in a few musical projects, , along with solo performances. As typified in this , I am tasked with all marketing, branding, managment, networking, graphic design video editing, and creative direction.

I am always ready to embrace a new genre / concept and take it out for public consumption. I write, interpret and cover as the circumstances warrant, but I don't know any Warrant. I do sample the Def Leppard catalogue however...


I enjoy designing posters, cut sheets, flyers, business cards and other collateral. The band poster to the right is an example of my design sensibilities. Graphic arts, photography and other related media is essential to marketing musical enterprises. Writing is also essential.

I utilize social networks as is efficient, remunerative, and practical.

The Super Tonix - Facebook
The Linezmen - Facebook
The Linezmen - Reverb Nation

The Linezmen promo piece A Cutsheet Biofor distribution, and marketing purposes.

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