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Mesamerica is Michael Mestres...

A mention about Mesamerica...I’ve come to accept that apparently, the name Mestres is confusing to spell. Anecdotal evidence over time, related to me by elders, assured me of this. "Get used to it..." they said. So when it came time for a domain I decided to make it easy for everybody, including myself.

So it’s Mesamerica, with tacit acknowledgement to that .

Mesamerica turned out to be a relatively effective key word, although over time the Mesoamerican culture has trumped me. Google or however and it is still me followed by the entire Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican culture. Which is nice...

I've created this website primarily as a work-related document; a platform to demonstrate my understanding of design/development concepts, along with various forms of media,for the web, print, sound and video.

Also my sales and marketing background, writing sensibilities, and related and esoteric background that make me unique.

And I've added sections for my music projects, video, photography and other projects, with room for more.

And, because of my experience as a technology evangelist, I’m also providing a links section, as a reference for cohorts, friends, and employers.

Thank you for coming by, and perusing my website