Managing Musical Enterprises, i.e. Rock Bands...

Music is the singularity that inspired me in my subsquent creative endeavors.

Web and graphic design, sound and music recording, ad copy writing, videography and photography all evolved from my interest in the performance and study of music. My musical inclinations have also resulted in my work in sound related industries - in account managment, sales managment and technical support.

Managing a group of creative, career oriented, and sometimes mercurial individuals in a hyper-competitive market is a challenge. I am currently engaged in multiple musical projects in leadership roles that require the most from my skills in various creative arts and interpersonal relations.

I have found the following skills to be essential in creating a satisfying, successful work relationship, whether in web design, account managment and in this case musical enterprises...

Interpersonal Relationships

The ability to communicate, negotiate, facilitate, administer, folow, listen, and compromise are in my experience what makes team relationships work.

Over time these relationships are central to learning, performing, and succeeding. If we are all on the same page we grow. If not...musical enterprises do not last.

Branding Elements

In one of the most recent musical enterprises in which I've been involved, I have had a significant role in developing branding concepts, from name to music genre, such as .

With the I've been responsible for concept design and development for all media materials from print to video, (which depending on the event can be reduced to working with iPhone quality content).

Marketing Plans

I engage in a suitable span of social networking including along with simalarly maintaining a timely In each of my projects I am responsible for consistent grahics, and editorial content. event planning, and continuing contact with patrons, vendors, other musicians and industry related cohorts. And analytics as required.

Managment - Networking - Events

I am inevitably tasked with many of the elements that make up an ongoing musical enterprise; including scheduling and leading rehearsals, arranging gigs, set lists, securing equipment, and managing communication among the members.


Among other skills I can play that rock 'n roll...