Mesamerica Media Design started with my love of music...

My Background

I have actively played music since I was 14 years, from bands to busking. And to this day, everything I translate into a creative endeavor is viewed, and voiced through the same musical prism. Balance, tone, loudness, softness, complexity, simplicity, literal themes, evocative me it is all synonomous of getting your message across.

Michael MestresI have eight years experience in interactive design, creating websites, micro sites, eBrochures, banner ads, rich media elements, along with print, video and sound design.

I am skilled in use of Adobe Creative Suites including the latest 6.x versions along with CS5.5 Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Soundbooth, After Effects, inDesign and past use of Flash, Fireworks.

I design in HTML5 and CSS3 and leverage JavaScript, jQuery, PHP frameworks along with Word Press and even Sharepoint (bleah).

And I have extensive sound design expeience in many sound recording platforms including Steinberg Nuendo, Wavelab, Logic, Pro Tools et .al.

At various times I've worked:

  • In sound recording studios, as a sales rep, in sound production
        and contributing the occasional Chuck Berry riff to radio ads...
  • In radio stations, as a board operator, as a copywriter, and as a live and studio producer...
  • As a regional account manager for company that produces audio production software and hardware
  • As a product support and service representative
  • As a sales and service manager in musical instrument retail.

My writing background, in journalistic style, benefits clients and employers alike. Photography, videography and sound design are all elements that I bring as a media designer. I've even added print design to my repetoire.

I've also worked in landscaping, in kitchens, and waited learn about people waiting tables...also karma.